About Us


HKC Technology Limited,  a wholly-owned subsidiary of HKC International Holdings Limited,  established in 2002. It is mainly responsible for the research and development of high quality and reliable IOT solutions for the group companies. Product development is undertaken by a team of R&D experts for both software and hardware based in Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Singapore. The well  experienced personnel with deep knowledge of  know-how and capability stand readily to give the group an edge in the market for Internet and communications equipment.


Evolving into the new IOT era, we continuously strive for excellence and especially focus on RFID development. One of our RFID solutions – LIBRA, has been implemented in more than 60 universities and Government libraries all over South East Asia, including the Singapore National Library Board and Hong Kong Public Libraries.


We will further extend our development into other IOT areas such as smart mirror and AI robotics.


Group Profile


Since its establishment in 1970, Hong Kong Communications Co., Ltd. (HKC) has been a major telecommunications Equipment supplier in Hong Kong, China and Singapore. Leveraged on its long history of telecommunications experience and the management team’s proven expertise in the telecommunications industry, HKC was successfully listed in The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited in 2001 named as HKC International Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 248).


HKC principally engages in three major business scopes, including distribution and sales of mobile phone, provision of business solutions and product research and development. Its business scope and market coverage have been constantly expanding, not only locally but also globally. By running its many local and regional subsidiaries, the Group is committed to develop into a diversified and yet specialized supplier and provider of telecommunications products and services.

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