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Mirrorgotchi is a home intelligent smart mirror which provides a complete range of elderly care services from healthcare to home entertainment in one touch smart platform


Free weather forecast and news headline

Face Recognition

Log in with Face Recognition

Connect with love ones

One Touch Video Call

Apps for healthcare and entertainment

Preinstalled with 12 Core Apps

Monitor your Daily Health

Bluetooth connection with healthcare devices

AR Exercise

AR Smart Home Exercise

Smart Mirror Online Store

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We can tailor made your home Smart Mirror, imagine to have one in your living room / bathroom / dinning space etc.Your Smart Mirror can display useful and timely information, such as real-time news and weather information, receive video intercom calls from building management or visitors, make free video calls among friends & families, call up concierge service, and browse through social media networks.

Smart Mirror

The smart choice for your home

  1. Runs Apps for video chat, home automation / intercom, security, healthcare
  2. Capacitive touch panel (10.1” and 15.6”); custom mirror sizes
  3. App Customization Service
  4. Smart Kitchen (video cookbook) Smart wall (Estate info) Bathroom Mirror (no camera)
  5. Video Chat for connecting Friends and Family across different flats
  6. Health data alerts
  7. Ideal for home, service apartment, and hotel

Smart Kitchen Mirror

Designed with the elegance cupboard series by Mia Cucina

HKC has provide a Smart Mirror to construct an IoT environment while user can easily have a nice cooking experience.

Integrate with Carrot Home Automation System, users can control kitchen electronic devices such as lighting, audio visual, air conditioning by one touch on smart mirror, control smart locks for opening or locking kitchen cabinets, view daily information such as time, date, temperature and RSS news. Android based widget for users to customise and download more Apps from Google Play Store!

OliveX Smart Fitness Platform with HKC Smart Mirror

• Fitness Revolution App

• Get daily personalized workout with our A.I. lead group classes

• Over 20 x KOL Personal Trainer you can choose from the virtual platform

• Using the AR technology to improve your fitness position

• 24 hours to do your exercise anytime

• Support of LuLulemon ambassador KOL Jess Shih & Olmen Chu

In front of Smart Mirror, adults of any age can choose their favourite fitness trainer over 20 Popular personal Trainers to participate in exercise and challenges any time, tracked and assessed by the app’s AI software and the Smart Mirror’s camera. Workout with your favourite personal trainer anytime and useful forms of strength exercises. Strength exercises can stimulate bone growth, control blood sugar, help with weight loss, improve balance, posture, muscle and ligament strength and function, while reducing back and joint pain.

Press here to watch our intro video!

Smart Retail- Smart Mirror with AI Skin Testing and Sales Promotion APP

• Smart Mirror preloaded with Innovative Skin Testing App

• AI image analysis algorithm detects skin tone/ spot /fine lines /inflammation /elasticity /muscle age /water & oil balance and pore condition in real time

• Instantly apply for shop membership and record skin test reports through smart mirror

• Upload the latest cosmeceutical product information and promotion through smart mirror

• Improve customers’ shopping experience

• Bring an innovative promotion channel to retail store

This innovative smart mirror with AI skin testing app is suitable for any drug retail market. Staffs can upload promotion products on the mirror without using a mobile or computer, and provide AI skin testing experience to the customers more effectively. Targeted sales increase the shopping pleasure of walk-in customers.

Smart Bathroom Mirror (no camera)

WiFi, BT4.0, and Ethernet

10.1” and 15.6”Capacitive Multi-touch

Android OS

Direct Main Power No built-in battery

Custom Mirror Size

Brightness: 450 (typ) cd/m2 Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Contrast: 1000:1 (typ)

Cloud based platform


Custom Smart Mirror Design (example)

In this example, we propose to split the full height mirror (600mm x 2350mm) into three separate mirrors as shown to the left.  The upper and bottom mirrors are normal clear-type mirrors that are bonded to the wall surface using adhesives.

The middle portion is made of the Smart Mirror. A wall-box is to be embedded inside this partition wall and the smart mirror (shown in dark gray) will cover this wall box.  A power connection is to be provided by others inside this wall box. This Smart mirror is mounted on the wall box using special fixing accessories that enable the mirror to be removed from the front side for maintenance purpose.

The smart mirror can also connect to optional external ceiling speakers for better sound quality.

The following preset application functions are available from the Smart Mirror:

  1. Home automation control
  2. Quick control for light on/off in the immediate area
  3. Video doorphone intercom to Visitor Panel and Careataker
  4. Video chat using Whatsapp or Wechat to friends and family
  5. Integration to health/wellness monitor devices such as weight scale, thermometer, and blood pressure meter
  6. Background music
  7. Booking of clubhouse facility
  8. General Information display such as weather, news and community notices

Successful Cases


63 Pokfulam Smart Mirror


63 Pokfulam is Hong Kong’s first ever residential development to be fully fitted with Smart Mirror integrated home automation as a standard feature in every flat. The powerful Carrot home automation system enables convenient remote control, via the Smart Mirror or mobile app, for light dimming, air conditioning, motor curtain or even AV appliances. Residents can also have personalized preset scenarios in which multiple control actions can be triggered easily by single touch on the mirror or automatically by time schedule. In addition to the state-of-the-art home automation system, the developer has raised the standard yet again by being the first to combine the customizable Smart Mirror seamlessly with their interior design.