HKC Library RFID Automation System (LIBRA™)


Adopting RFID technology in libraries, our Group provides the renowned LIBRA solutions, which has been implemented in more than 60 University and Government libraries all over South East Asia; include the Singapore NLB (National Library Board).


The solution greatly improved the efficiency of the library daily operation procedure. Facing the challenge to manage huge amount of books from single to multi-brunches environment LIBRA™ offers versatile hardware and software equipments such as Self Check In Out Station , Front Desk Work Station and Security Gate which effectively shorten the queuing time from hour to minutes. The result is the amount of books loaned can be increased significantly.


On user perspective, the procedure of borrowing and returning of books have been simplified. Patron could use self-check in/out machines to browse book information and borrow books. Data of returned items would be automatically captured, sorted and updated by the data processing terminal when books pass through the bookdrop embedded with RFID readers. The RFID gates could authenticate books leaving the library and prevent books from being stolen.


Significantly Reduce Labor Costs


Higher Productivity


Efficient, Ideal and Self-Service

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Case Reference


Gucheng Primary School

Hefei Economic and Trade Tourism School

Bozhou College (China)

Wannan Medical College (China)

West Island School (HongKong)

West Anhui University RFID Library (China)

UHF RFID Library Project with the Attorney General Chambers (Singapore)

Bengbu Medical College (China)

RFID Library of Hefei Technology College (China)